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How to add individual users and activate their accounts on Learnerbly

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In order to add a new user on Learnerbly you need to have admin access rights. Creating individual users is a good option when you are adding just a couple of employees.

Adding a new user

  1. Go to Admin > People

  2. Click Add learner > An individual

  3. Fill in the user's details; mark as Admin if you'd like to grant admin access rights to this user

  4. Click the green Next, add budget button (Note: clicking this button will send an invite to the user)

Can't find the Office Locations in the dropdown?

Please get in touch with your Customer Success representative or via Intercom. They will be able to add the missing office location to your account.

Adding a budget

  1. Select a Budget period for [user] - the start and end date of when the budget is available to the learner to spend. Select the correct budget period from the drop down (if you do not see it, please speak to your Customer Success manager)

  2. Select the Currency of the user's budget - this is a dropdown of the currencies available based on the fulfilment accounts that are available for your organisation.

  3. Enter the Total amount for the budget period (i.e. 500 for £500) – make sure to enter the full budget amount for the budget period

  4. You can choose to pro-rata the budget amount for the new user by clicking on Yes. If you would like to allocate the full amount to the user please select No.

  5. Enter a Date when the user can start spending their budget. This can be as soon as they join the company or once they’ve passed probation, depending on your internal processes.

  6. Click the green Add Budget button and you're done !

Take a look at our helpful tutorial video on how you can add individual users:

In this video, we're excited to walk you through the process of seamlessly adding individual learners to Learnerbly.

Our step-by-step guidance will take you from accessing the people tab in your admin area to the precise allocation of the learner's country and content region. Getting the content region right, aligned with the learner's location, is key to ensuring a seamless experience and preventing any potential resource conflicts.

And that's not all – we're here to guide you in allocating approving managers, specifying groups, and assigning budgets for each learner. It's all about creating an optimized learning experience tailored to each individual.

Are you ready to make this process a breeze? Join us in this video tutorial to learn how to effortlessly add learners to Learnerbly and elevate their learning journey. 🎬👥🌍

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