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Setting up your Slack integration
Setting up your Slack integration

How to integrate Learnerbly with a Slack channel

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The Slack integration is a great engagement tool for your organisation as it provides visibility, creates accountability and encourages cross-functional learning inspiration.

Here is what you can expect to see pull through the Slack channel:

  • Requests (optional, as set by requestor per request)

  • Reviews

  • Goal completions

Managers can also save time and:

  • Accept/decline requests (as manager)

  • Comment on requests

All activities have the option of being made private to only the user and their manager, however, we highly recommend for users to allow their activity to be made public wherever possible - let’s make learning social!

Set up your Slack integration

To set up your Slack integration you need to follow the simple steps below. The person who sets this up must be one of your organisation's admin on Slack and Learnerbly.

  1. Go to Admin > Settings

  2. Click on Install integration button

  3. Login to your Slack account and follow the setup instructions

  4. Select the Slack channel you would like the integration to pull into and type /invite @Learnerbly

Click on the button below to take the tour and try it out yourself!

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