Editing individual user account details
How to edit individual user details if you are an Admin
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Users with admin access rights are able to view and edit user account details at any time. Changes to the user account include 1) Budget management, 2) View goals, 3) Archive user and 4) Update user information (i.e. Approving manager, Group).

In order to make any chance, only log in to Learnebly and follow the steps:

  1. Go to Admin > People

  2. Search for the full employee name or email address. Otherwise, you won't get any results

  3. Click on the <Employee name>

  4. Click on Edit account details

💡 FAQ for Editing individual user account details

I can’t find the name of the user in the drop-down, what do I do?

Type their full name into the field.

Can I assign more than one ‘Approving Manager’ to a user?

Multiple approving managers can be added to the learner but please beware that every approving manager will receive email notifications of resource requests.

Can I assign more than one ‘Group’ to a user?

Multiple groups can be added such as business unit, function, team etc. It is built this way in order to cater for different organization hierarchies and allow admins to segment data by different groups.

Take a look at our helpful tutorial video on how you edit individual user account details:

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