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Providers we cannot purchase on your behalf
Providers we cannot purchase on your behalf
List of the most common providers we cannot fulfil
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Learnerbly purchases your learning requests on your behalf, getting the content you need to your door or email inbox quicker, and with little effort required from you.

However, this means that in some exceptional circumstances we may not be able to purchase a learning resource for you on your behalf, and therefore cannot add it to the Learnerbly platform. The main reasons for this are:

  • The learning resource is a recurring subscription that we cannot "gift" to you in pre-defined periods of time

  • The learning provider requires information that we cannot provide on your behalf, such as sensitive personal information like passport numbers etc.

  • The learning provider requires us to create an account on your behalf

  • The provider does not fully comply with our Content Policy

We are continuously increasing the number of partnerships we have with learning providers to help overcome these purchasing issues. When dealing with new or unfamiliar providers, our team will investigate how to purchase the resource or contact the supplier.

If you’d like to check with us before submitting this suggestion or have any questions about the fulfilment process, we’d be happy to talk to you through Intercom!

📋 Known providers that we cannot purchase on your behalf

Here is a non-exhaustive list of providers that we have already investigated and cannot purchase on your behalf:

  • Amazon Web Services (AWS) Certification


  • Coursera Specialisations

  • Datacamp

  • Finimize Financial Community

  • Frontend Masters

  • Grammarly

  • Lingoda Online Language School

  • Linux Exams

  • Miro Collaborative Whiteboard Upgrade

  • MIT Technology Review

  • O'Reilly Online Learning Subscription

  • Pointfree

  • Ray Wenderlich

  • The Book Depository

  • The Gnomon Workshop

  • Trailhead/Salesforce

  • Udacity

  • Vogue Business Membership

  • Wall Street Journal

  • HBR Subscriptions

  • Headspace

  • Atlantic Magazine Subscriptions

  • The Interaction Design Foundation

  • Duolingo

  • Tech Crunch

  • Spotify Subscription

  • YouTube Premium

If you know a learning resource or provider that we don’t have in our catalogue, you can suggest it to our curators.

Please note that, even if a resource has been added to Learnerbly, this can be removed from the platform without notice if it doesn't meet the required fulfilment and customer satisfaction.

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