Can I still make requests over the holiday period?

Yes of course though please note some of our partners and providers are busier this time of year leading to a delay in the fulfilment of certain resources. We’re doing everything to get them to you ASAP.

What happens to any remaining Learning Budget next year?

If your Learning Budget is linked to the calendar year, this will expire at the end of December 31st and any remaining budget will be removed.

If you are not sure when your budget expires, you can check by hovering your mouse over the budget amount shown at the top-right corner of the Learnerbly app.

What if my request isn’t approved?

If your learning budget renews on the 1st of January, then your request must be approved before the 1st of January in order for us to purchase it using your 2022 budget.

Any requests which are not approved before the 1st of January will be cancelled. If you'd still like to receive the resource from your new 2023 budget, you'll be able to re-request it.

Can I check the status of my request?

You can check the status of your request by heading to:

At this busy time of year delivery times may be slightly longer, so we appreciate your patience while we work with our suppliers to complete deliveries as soon as possible.

Can you deliver to another country/address?

Unfortunately, we cannot deliver to a country outside your assigned content region. If you are not sure which region you are currently assigned to, you can check with your Learnerbly Administrator.

A request was cancelled and refunded but why it's not reflected on my learning budget?

If you request a refund and it is approved, the refund is provided to the budget period it was made. Therefore if the request was purchased with your previous annual budget, the amount will be refunded back to that budget.

This is in accordance with the agreement between your company and Learnerbly, where all operations and transactions, including refunds, are performed within the budget from which the request was purchased. We are unable to refund or make any cross-budget operations.

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