In Learnerbly we offer hundreds of Udemy courses for you to choose from different topics and skills. If it's displayed in the Udemy library, chances are, we have it too!

I requested a Udemy course on Learnerbly; how and when will I receive it?

Once you have received the notification email that your Udemy course has been purchased, you will get a separate email within the next 48hrs from Udemy containing a gift code.

If you have an existing Udemy account, please be sure to log in to your account, before redeeming your gift. This will ensure the course is added to your existing account. Keep an eye on your inbox and junk/spam folders!

Also, we recommend you to check with the department in charge of IT in your organisation, as sometimes the firewall security system can block external emails from some providers.

I have received my Udemy course, how can redeem it?

Just log in to your existing Udemy account (or create a new one) and redeem the gift code sent to you at the following link:

If done successfully, you will see your course added to the library on your Udemy account.

If you have any other questions, please get in touch with us via Intercom.

The price shown in Learnerbly is higher than the sale price shown on Udemy. Can I get it at the sale price?

We try our best to reflect our providers’ prices as accurately as possible. However, Udemy updates its prices and sales from time to time and without prior notice. When we come to purchase the course for you, we aim to purchase it at the lowest price available.

We are unable to change the price to the sale price as they change very frequently and we don't hold the bandwidth to manually change Udemy prices constantly. We only show the full price. Once we purchase for you, we adjust your credits.

It is also with mention that, some Udemy discounts are region-specific; which means, only certain users in a specific country or region can visualise that discount. They are not always fully available for all global users and, since our Fulfilment Team (the team responsible to purchase your requests) are in different regions around the globe, they might not always see the discounted price. Thank you for your understanding.

In terms of Udemy course prices, we always display on our platform the full price of the course. However, at the moment of purchasing that resource for you, we will purchase it at the discounted price shown on the provider's website (when possible and available). You might see the whole amount deducted from your budget, but don't worry, we will refund the remaining amount back to your account.

We recommend you always leave a note to us on your requests mentioning that, you want to cancel/not proceed with the request if we cannot get it at the discounted price. That way, we will not proceed with the purchase, we will cancel it and, refund your learning credits back to you.

There is a Udemy course that you don't have on your platform, how do I request it?

Even though we have lots of Udemy courses on our platform if you found out that there is a Udemy course we don't have, no worries! You can easily suggest it to be added by following the article below:

Just bear in mind that, suggesting a course to be added does not register a request from your side. In the event of the course being added, you will receive a notification via email with a Learnerbly link so you can request it manually.

I cannot find my Udemy course in my account

If you cannot find your recently purchased course in your Udemy account, it might be due to the following reasons:

A) You are trying to access your course via Learnerbly. Clicking on the request on your dashboard in Learnerbly won't take you to your Udemy course. You need to redeem the gift voucher that was sent to you in your personal Udemy account. The course will appear in your courses once you have redeemed the gift voucher.

B) You are logged in with a different email address than the one you first redeemed your gift course with. Once you redeem a course, that course will be linked and tied to that particular email account. If you log in with a different email, you won't see your course. Please make sure you are logged in with the same email/account you redeem your course with.

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