Price Discrepancy
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With the partnerships we have with our providers, we aim to get it for the lowest available price possible for our users. However, this might not always be possible as the providers may sometimes update their sales and prices without prior notice. Additionally, the pricing our providers are offering to the general public may not be available to Learnerbly users or might not be the final sale price. For some providers, the prices stated on their website may not include taxes, fees, or shipping charges and the final price can only be seen in the check-out process. There are also other considerations such as exchange rates and exchange fees depending on the location of the user and the provider.

If we are able to purchase the material at a lower cost than what is reflected on our platform, we will readjust the purchase price and return the excess amount to your budget accordingly.

Please note that provider sales and discounts are only available to certain geographical regions or certain audiences, and do not apply to Learnerbly users.

Provider discount & coupon codes cannot be redeemed through Learnerbly.

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