We try our best to reflect our providers’ prices as accurately as possible. However, providers update their prices and sales from time to time without prior notice. When we come to purchase a resource for you, we aim to purchase it at the lowest price available. Also, bear in mind that, in some cases, prices that you see directly on the provider's website are the prices before taxes, fees, and/or shipping. You will only be able to see the real final price at the moment of checkout.

We are unable to change the price to the sale price as they change very frequently and we don't hold the bandwidth to manually change resource prices constantly. We only show the full price. Once we purchase the resource for you, we adjust your budget accordingly.

Additionally, some sales and discounts are only available to certain geographical regions. Our fulfilment team is located in certain regions and we cannot always guarantee to get the discounted price; as well as some discounted prices don't apply to the way we purchase some resources for you, such as gifting vouchers.

However, at the moment of purchasing that resource for you, we will purchase it at the price shown on the provider's website (when possible and available). You might see the whole amount deducted from your budget, but don't worry, we will refund the remaining amount back to your account in the event the price was cheaper on the provider's website.

Going forward, you can always leave a note to us on your request mentioning that, you want to cancel/not proceed with the request if we cannot get it at the discounted price. That way, we will not proceed with the purchase, we'll cancel it and, refund your learning budget to you.

Note: Not all discounts or sales from the provider are applicable to fulfil with Learnerbly, especially with the providers with that we are in partnership and that don't align with our content policy. For more information, please check our article here 👉 Discount code from the provider / Content policy

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