Here is a list of the most common bugs and issues you can encounter and how they can be solved.

Log in error

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If you see a similar message like this, it could be because of different reasons (a typo, your account is archived, wrong email etc)


For more info and how to tackle the issue, please check the following article "Drat! Unable to log in to Learnerbly App"

User not appearing in the search results

If you have admin rights in the platform, you might have been in a situation where you need to search for a user. If you type the name and does not appear in the search results, it might be because of the following reasons:

  • You are not typing the whole name.

    • Solution

      Please type the full name of the user and check for any typos. If a user's name is "John Doe" and you only type "John" you won't get any results.

  • The user is archived

    • Solution

      Please contact us so we can unarchive the user. (Only admins can request unarchiving users)

  • The user doesn’t have an account with us

    • Solution

      Try to create the user and it should be fine. If you get the error that the user already exists, then, means that the user is archived. Please refer to point 2.

My manager cannot approve my pending request

This can be due to the following reasons:

  • You are trying to get something that exceeds your allocated budget.

    • Solution

      Ask your admin or People Team at your company for a top-up so your manager can approve your request.

  • There was a change in the currency of your budget

    • Solution

      Sometimes, due to internal changes in your company, your budget might change to another currency. If this is the case, please send us a message at and our team will help.

Error when requesting an Amazon book via "Resource not on Learnerbly?"

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amazon-book-option.jpg (1872×444)

If you are trying to request an Amazon book via our feature "Resource not on Learnerbly?" and at the moment of following the steps you have an error, it might be due to the following reasons:

  • The linked Amazon item is not a Book.

  • The linked Amazon item is out of stock or is only in pre-order.

    • Solution

      Please make sure the book you are trying to request clearly says that is in stock. Books that are for pre-order are considered "out of stock" too, as they are not for immediate dispatch.

  • The linked Amazon item is only available through the Marketplace/third-party seller and is not fully sold and dispatched by Amazon.

    • Solution

      Our system cannot automatically fulfil Marketplace books. Currently, if the book is only offered by a third-party seller the system won't allow it and will throw an error. At the moment, our guidelines don't allow our system to purchase books from third-party sellers.

      Please make sure that the book is fully sold and dispatched by Amazon. For more information about this, please visit this article.

  • Your shipping information is incomplete

    • Solution

      If you have made sure that the book you are requesting is fully dispatched and sold by Amazon, it is not a third-party, it is in stock and it is an actual Amazon book, then, chances are, some information is missing in your shipping address. Please make sure to fill in all the information, including your phone number.

Common digital requests issues

You can expect an update on your work email within 24hrs after you have received the notification that we have purchased this resource for you.

If you have not received your email, please check your inbox and spam/junk folder. Also, verify with your internal IT that you are able to receive emails from the supplier you suppose to receive the email (some suppliers' emails might get blocked by your company firewall security system).

  • This code has already been redeemed/invalid code

    • Solution

      If you present this error, might be because you have, in fact, already redeemed the code with another account. Please make sure you are logged in with the right account. You can also contact the provider's support page and they will be able to help you with your issue.

  • Invalid Blinklist code

    • Solution

      A hack is to create a Blinkist account (if you don't have one), log into it, and then, go to a different screen and apply the code and redeem it.

  • Invalid/expired Stream Skill code

    • Solution

      You can solve this by simply resetting your password at the login screen on StreamSkill. This would solve the issue.

  • TryHackMe gift code error

    • Solution

      If you are encountering an error when trying to redeem your TryHackMe gift code, it could be because you are "copying and pasting" the code. In order to solve this, you only need to input manually the code (not copy and paste). This should solve the issue.

Verbling lessons

When requesting Verbling, if you encounter that, after accepting the invitation we sent you still don't have the lessons you requested, it could be for the following reasons:

  • Lessons due to be booked

    • Solution

      If you have requested Verbling lessons in the past, you might still have some lessons pending to book. Please book all your previous lessons before accepting the new invitation.

      Since Verbling cannot accept two invitations at the same time, first, you need to book all the previous lessons (the ones you purchased yourself first) so then, you can have the new batch of lessons.

      Once you have done that, please let us know so we can amend that from our side.

  • Invalid invitation

    • Solution

      This could be that you are clicking on an old/expired invitation. Lessons are available to schedule for up to 6 months after the purchase date. The lessons can be scheduled for a date past the lesson's expiration date.

      You can look for the expiration date of your lessons listed on the "Details" tab of your lesson page to know how long you have to schedule your lessons.

      More info can be found here.

Wrong address due to Auto-fill Tool

If you received a message that your request was cancelled due to a delivery issue, this could be narrowed down to your browser or another tool that is auto-filling your details in a weird way.

  • Request cancelled due to issue with delivery

    • Solution

      If you are using any form of an auto-filling tool at the moment of checkout, we recommend you please, before requesting, double-check your details or deactivate the auto-fill tool. Please input your shipping address manually to avoid any future issues.

"We don't know the user with this email" error message

If you are trying to log in to Learnerbly and you are encountering the error message "We don't know the user with this email", then, it means your access to our platform has been temporarily paused while we work with your company to balance their account with us.

  • Error message "We don't know the user with this email"

    • Solution

      Please contact your Learnerbly administrator and/or your People Team for more information.

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