1. Select a Budget period for [user] - the start and end date of when the budget is available to the learner to spend. Select the correct budget period from the drop-down (if you do not see it, please speak to your Customer Success Manager)

  2. Select the currency of the user's budget - this is a dropdown of the currencies available based on the fulfillment accounts that are available for your organization.

  3. Enter the total amount for the budget period (i.e. 500 for £500) – make sure to enter the full budget amount for the budget period.

  4. You can choose to pro-rata the budget amount for the new user by clicking on Yes. When selecting Yes for pro-rata for the budget, you need to do it manually since you need to select the date to when you will pro-rate the budget and when the user can start to use the budget. The amount of the budget will automatically adjust for you depending on the date. If you would like to allocate the full amount to the user please select No.

  5. Enter a date when the user can start spending their budget. This can be as soon as they join the company or once they’ve passed probation, depending on your internal processes.

  6. Click the green Add Budget button and you're done! 🤩

Note: Please double-check all the information before creating a budget. Once a budget has been allocated, you are unable to modify or do any changes.

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