For physical books

Physical books have multiple options for you to choose from, it can be a Kindle, Hardcover, or Paperback version.

You can request a resource by clicking on the ‘Request’ button above the resource image.

Select the option you would like, and click "Choose this Option"

On the next page - you have an option to leave a note to Learnerbly.

Please provide as much information as required in order for us to process this request for you. This could include:

  • Type of book

  • Complete address

  • Contact number

By default, all delivery addresses are set to the address you were registered when your account was created. If you are working from home or would like a physical recourse sent elsewhere, you'll also have the option to update the delivery address here:

You can also save your previous address for your next request and make it the default shipping address by clicking on the toggle below:

For digital resources

Digital resources can be online courses, eBooks, subscriptions or memberships, and webinar events. The option depends on the duration, type of account, and event dates.

You can request a digital resource by clicking on the ‘Request’ button above the resource image.

This is an example of a digital resource with a selection of duration of subscription and type of account in the image below:

Note: Please read carefully the description you'd like to request before proceeding as it might contain important information for your request.

For more information, please visit the article below:

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