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Learn how to create and add resources to playlists.

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Playlists have been around on Learnerbly for a while - and we've heard you quite like them! Now, you can create your own playlists from the Learnerbly app, spark ✨ some inspiration and help your team grow 🌱 .

How our playlists work

  • Capture the value of your playlist with a catchy title.

  • Add a description to let others know how your playlist will help them.

  • Tag your playlist to help your team find your playlist and guide them on the topics it covers.

  • Help your team know how a resource will help them by adding a comment to each resource.

  • You can make a playlist private to you (& those you share the link with) or allow your whole organisation to view it.

Create a new playlist

Create a playlist by adding a resource

You can create a playlist straight from the resource page. Find a resource you'd like to add to a playlist and click Add to playlist. From here you'll be able to create a new playlist or add it to an existing resource you've created.

Click Create Playlist and flesh out your playlist

Give your playlist a descriptive title, and add up to 5 tags to help your team find and understand the topics covered. Then help other learners learn more about why you've put this playlist together.

Choose whether your playlist will be private or visible to your organisation

By default, playlists are created to be private to you, so you can take your time crafting the best-curated content for your colleagues or keep the playlist private to yourself. Learn more about how this works on our guide; Change who can see your playlist.

πŸ’‘ Tip: If your playlist is private you can still share the link with individuals in your organisation, but it won't show up in search or when browsing the platform. Great for 1:1's with your manager!

Help your team understand how this resource will help them

Share a quick comment with the resource to guide other learners on why this resource is useful. When you're happy click Done.

And that's it! Your playlist is live πŸ™Œ

Your playlist will immediately show on your organisation's Playlist stream and in search. Now you can find other resources to add and build out your curated playlist.

Add resources to an existing playlist

If you've already created a playlist, then you can continue to add resources to it. Just head to the resource you'd like to add, click Add to playlist and you'll see a list of playlists you've already created.

You'll only see playlists that have been created by your user account.

Once you've selected a playlist, you can add a comment on the resource to help others know why you think it's valuable.

Viewing your brand new playlist

Find your playlist on Your Playlist page

You can view all the playlists you've created by clicking on your profile photo and clicking Playlists. If your playlist is private to you, here is where it will be.

Share your playlist with your team

Grab the URL and share your playlist with your team! If you have the Slack integration, why not share the link in your dedicated Learnerbly channel? You might just inspire others to create a playlist πŸ™Œ

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can make playlists?

Anyone in your organisation can make a playlist. We believe that everyone has a role to play in learning!

Can I add resources to someone else's playlist?

No, you can only add resources to the playlists that your user account has created. Only the original creator of the playlist can add resources to the playlist.

I'd like to edit my playlist.

If you're the author of the playlist, then you can let us know what you'd like to edit your playlist via Intercom. Go to your playlist page and click Edit. You can learn more in this guide; Editing or deleting your playlist.

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