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Can I suggest content that’s not on Learnerbly?
Can I suggest content that’s not on Learnerbly?
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Of course! We love to hear recommendations from our Learnerbly community. If you know a learning resource or provider that we don’t have in our catalogue, you can suggest it to our curators.

What happens next?

Filling out this form allows our Learning Curation Team to review your suggestion to ensure it adds value for the wider Learnerbly User community and aligns to our Content Policies + Quality Standards.

A little note from our team: Submitting a suggestion to our curators doesn’t register a resource request on your account. Due to the volume of suggestions we receive from our users we are unable to provide feedback on individual submissions.


It's been 2 weeks since I suggested something to be added to the platform, when it will be added to the platform?

Our Marketplace team has recently made alternations to the Content Suggestion process. All suggestions are appreciated and will be considered but due to the volume our team is unable to feedback on individual submissions. This is laid out within the form introduction and on the messaging presented once the form has been submitted.

We have received over 10,000 suggestions from users over the last couple of years and suggestions are looked at collectively, allowing our team to identify trends, prioritize, and support our curation strategy.

When building our catalogue, our Learning Curation team ensures that any resource added to our marketplace is led by respected industry experts, highly rated, widely accessible, and empowers our users to reach their unique development goals.

The outcome of a suggestion isn’t necessarily decided the day or week it gets submitted and that’s why our team doesn’t provide feedback on individual suggestions.

Suggesting additional formats for resources already available on Learnerbly

If you’d like to access a different modality of a resource that’s currently available on Learnerbly (e.g. a kindle edition for a book currently available in paperback or a different subscription option for an existing provider), please get in touch with our team through the Intercom chat.

I suggested a book to be added to our platform, how long do I need to wait?

If you don't find what you are looking for, and you would like to request an Amazon book (not Kindle) you can do so by clicking on "Resource not on Learnerbly?" in the header of your dashboard.

Depending on your region settings, you could request books that are available via Amazon. Learn more about this feature and see if you’re eligible here: Request an Amazon book that is not on Learnerbly

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