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What is work-related training?
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Under UK laws, the provision of work-related training is exempt from taxes. The training must relate to the learner's current employment or to a "related employment". Payment or reimbursement of training costs is not exempt if its purpose is to reward the employee.

The adoption of this definition applies to all countries, regardless of whether their local laws have similar restrictions to the UK.

“Work-related training” is defined as any training course or other activity which is designed to impart, instil, improve or reinforce any knowledge, skills, or personal qualities which are, or are likely to prove, useful to the employee when performing his/her duties or will qualify or better qualify the employee to undertake the employment, or to participate in charitable or voluntary activities arising through the employment.

Work-related first aid and health and safety courses will also qualify.

Language training is available through Learnerbly for the purposes of country relocation and/or where the learning of a foreign language is required for work purposes.

Hardware, such as Kindle devices, does not qualify as "work-related training" under this policy.

Stationery products, such as notebooks, diaries etc, don't qualify as "work-related training".

Please note, that there will be learning resources that satisfy the definitions of work-related training for some learners but not for others; it is the approver's responsibility to review each request, assess its applicability, and approve or reject it where appropriate. In the instance where there is no approver (e.g. auto-approved requests), this responsibility falls under the learner and the employer.

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