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Requesting an external expense

Making it easier for learners to request an external resource to purchase outside of Learnerbly

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We understand that your people will sometimes need to access resources that are not currently available on Learnerbly, whether that’s due to subject matter or payment method.

Any learner can request an external expense by clicking on 'Resource not on Learnerbly?' in the navigation bar (or follow this link 🔗 ) and selecting 'Request an External Expense'

A learner can then enter the details of their request. Once they’ve filled in the form, their approver will be notified to confirm the request.

Once an expense has been recorded via this form, a learner’s budget will be debited by the value of the expense. Their approver can confirm or deny the expense.

Viewing external expenses

Visible alongside any type of request

  • Visible on the learner requests page

  • Visible in learner detail view in admin

  • On Requests table

How to request an external expense?

  1. Click on 'Resource not on Learnerbly?' in the navigation bar (or follow this link 🔗 ) and then select 'Request an External Expense'

2. Enter the details of your external spend

Enter information about your expense in the form so that your manager or admin understands what the expense referred to.

3. Share a note with your Manager

Your manager will confirm the value of the expense on your learning budget to ensure that it has been seen by them.

4. Submit your request

When you're ready, submit your external expense. Once your manager has confirmed the expense, it cannot be edited or canceled, the process works very similarly to the existing request flow!

5. Manager confirmation

Your manager will receive a notification to confirm the external spending. If it's approved, you'll receive an email letting you know that the expense has been permanently applied to your learning budget.

6. Purchasing the resource yourself

If your external request gets approved, you'll have to handle the purchase independently outside of Learnerbly. Learnerbly is not involved in the actual purchasing process, and you will need to separately handle the expensing process at your organization before clicking the "Mark as expensed" button. If you encounter any problems with the resource you acquire, it's best to contact the provider directly, as you're purchasing the resource directly from your end.

7. Marking the request as purchased

After purchasing a request, you can verify the expense on your Learnerbly account by accessing the "Your Requests" section of the app. There, you can view the complete list of your requests and their current status. To mark the requested expense as complete, simply click the green "Mark as expensed" button.

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