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Communications from Learnerby
Communications from Learnerby

Here you find out more on how we communicate with our users

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There are a number of ways in which Learnerbly will communicate with end users on our platform. We have outlined these below. Should you require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact your Client Success Manager.

  • System generated “transactional messages”: This is an email when the user makes a request, a confirmation of purchase, or an approval messages. These are mandatory and users cannot unsubscribe from this type of message.

  • One-off annual budget reminders: towards the end of a budget period all employees receive a short series of reminders notifying them of the expiry of their budget.

  • Editorial Campaign messages: generated by our Editorial/Curation teams this type of email will typically be distributed on a periodic basis to coincide with wider initiatives, for example: Learning at Work Week, Pride Month, International Womens Day etc. Please be aware that the email template includes the users remaining budget.

  • In-Product Messaging: We use a tool to help troubleshoot any issues with our product and to provide in-product messaging either via chat message, pop-up messages or banners. This is a mandatory feature which cannot be changed.

  • Product Updates: From time to time, we may send communications to users and clients about new product & feature updates.

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