Quick FAQs for Admins

Some useful FAQs to answer your most pressing questions as a Learnerbly admin

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I can’t find the name of the user in the drop-down, what do I do?

Type their full name into the field.

Can I assign more than one ‘Approving Manager’ to a user?

Multiple approving managers can be added to the learner but please beware that every approving manager will receive email notifications of resource requests.

Can I assign more than one ‘Group’ to a user?

Multiple groups can be added such as business unit, function, team etc. It is built this way in order to cater for different organisation hierarchies and allow admins to segment data by different groups.

Why I cannot find a particular user?

Search for the full employee name or email address. Otherwise, you won't get any results.

Note: Our search engine is unable to find a result for incomplete information in the search bar.

How can I unarchive a user?

If you need to unarchive a user, or if the user is a returning employee and you cannot add the user, is because you are using an email account that is archived. On those occasions, please reach us via Intercom and we are more than happy to help you with your request.

Where can I export a report of all the learners on the platform?

At the moment we can pull this for you, but our product team is working on improving the in-platform reporting for you.

In the meantime, if there's any data you need, please let us know via Intercom or you can reach out to our Customer Success Team.

Managing requests

Who approves the request of a user with multiple ‘Approving Managers’?

There is no current process to limit a particular approving manager from approving a request so it will happen on a ‘first come, first approved’ basis.

What happens to requests when a budget is removed?

  • Pending Requests

Nothing will happen. Approvers cannot approve the request until a new budget is added to the learner.

  • Approved Requests but not fulfilled

Requests will be fulfilled as usual. If for whatever reason the request needs to be cancelled, you should reach out to our team via Intercom. The possibility of cancellation will be dependent on whether the request has already been purchased or not.

Is it possible to set up particular users to have auto-approval for their learning budgets?
At the moment that is not possible.

We can only set the "auto-approval" for the whole organization. It is not possible to set it to particular users.

For more information about auto-approval thresholds, please check this article

Managing Budgets

When would I need to top up a user’s budget?

You would top up a user’s budget if they have made a request that exceeds their budget but you and their manager agreed they should have access to this resource. Please note the request will not go to our fulfilment team for purchasing until the top-up has been made.

When would I need to deduct a user’s budget?

You would deduct from a user’s budget if a learning resource has been purchased for them outside of Learnerbly and expensed (via your internal processes).

When should I archive a user vs. remove their budget?

If a user is in their notice period and you would like them to continue having access to their Learnerbly account but without spending any more budget, then we recommend to remove their budget.

It is recommended to only archive the user once they have definitely left your organisation.

When a user gets archived, what happens to their budget?

When a user gets archived, their unspent budget goes back to the company’s pot. We only deduct actual spending from your company's Learning Credits, so you don’t lose money for unspent budgets.

As soon as you archive a user, all unused budget will go back to the company and is not charged.


Who can make playlists?

Anyone in your organisation can make a playlist. We believe that everyone has a role to play in learning!

Can I add resources to someone else's playlist?

No, you can only add resources to the playlists that your user account has created.

Who can see my playlist?

Anyone in your organisation, but only your organisation.

Can I make my playlist private or share it with specific people?

Currently, no, but it is something we're looking into to make sure you have a personal learning experience.

Can I add our own internal content to playlists?

We're looking into how we can make your internal content more discoverable to your team. We'll let you know when this functionality is available!

I'd like to edit my playlist.

If you're the author of the playlist, then you can let us know what you'd like to edit your playlist via Intercom. Go to your playlist page and click Edit. Let us know what you'd like to change, such as removing a resource or changing the description or resource notes. When we make those changes, we'll let you know!

How do I delete a playlist I've created?

If you're the author of the playlist, then you can let us know if you'd like to delete your playlist via Intercom. Go to your playlist page and click Delete. We've prewritten your message for you, so all you need to do is hit send and we'll take care of the rest.

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