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Information about auto-approve threshold in budgets

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One of the options your company has at the moment of joining Learnerbly is that, according to their preferences, they can set a threshold on "auto-approve" requests in your annual budget.

This means that your company at the moment of setting their Learnerbly account with us, they can, for example, set that all requests < $20 are auto-approved, which means, they don't need the manual approval of a manager to consent to the purchase of that request. Anything > $20 will require authorisation from a manager so our team can proceed to purchase that resource.

If at the moment of requesting a resource, you see the little blue label "Auto-Approved", that means that the price of that resource is under the maximum auto-approve threshold and it won't need the approval of a manager:

If it doesn’t have the label, then, you manager approver will need to authorise your request in order to be purchased by our team:

NOTE: Auto-approve thresholds can only be applied at an organization-wide level. Currently, it is not possible to set auto-approvals for specific users within the organization. Either the auto-approvals apply to all users in the company or not. Only users with admin access can request changes to the auto-approval settings. They can do this by reaching out to our support team."

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