What are they?

Learning Credits are the funds used to purchase items via the Learnerbly platform.

When your users make requests for content, we handle the purchasing process for you - using the Learning Credits you have pre-purchased on your account.

Think of it as putting fuel into a car - you're stocking up to power the learning journey ahead. Users will not be able to receive their orders until you have a balance of Learning Credits on your account. If the balance runs out, we'll pause purchasing any new orders until your next top-up is received.

What currencies do you offer for the Learning Credits?

Learning Credits can be issued in GBP, EUR and USD. However, it depends on the employees' locations and not necessarily in what country they are physically based.

We need a minimum of 25 users in each currency for Learnerbly to manage that currency for you. Your Business Development and Customer Success teams can give you the best recommendation on what currencies to choose.

How much Learning Credits balance do you need?

Typically, we need at least 20% of your total annual budget allocated on hand in Learning Credits at any time in order to maintain a smooth continuation of order processing.

For example, if you have 100 employees with a budget of £500 each to spend via Learnerbly for the year, your total annual budget is £50,000.

We'll need to carry a balance of around £10,000 in Credits at any time to ensure we have enough funds to continue purchasing your requests for you.

We may need to increase this balance at busier times (such as the end of the year) to ensure we have enough to meet demand. If you are planning any internal initiatives to boost engagement, please let us know in advance so we can be sure to have the Learning Credits ready.

How do we add Learning Credits to our account?

When you first start with Learnerbly, we'll send you an invoice for the initial Learning Credits balance on your account. Once your balance falls below an agreed threshold, we'll trigger a new invoice and payment via your chosen payment method.

We accept payment either via Direct Debit or by providing a credit card on your account. If you do not currently have a payment method saved on account with us, please get in touch and we'll be happy to help get this updated.

How can we see or track our Credits balance?

At the end of each month, your finance team will receive a Breakdown of Spend - which lists all the purchases made in the prior month as well as any top-ups and the current balance.

Where are Learning Credits kept?

We keep your Learning Credits in their own secure account, ready to spend solely on the requests made by your employees.

What if we don't spend all our Learning Credits?

At the end of your contract term, any remaining unspent Credits are rolled into the next contract cycle to spend within the next budget period, or refunded in full.

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