When requesting an ebook (not Kindle) through Learnerbly, in most cases, you will receive an email from the provider with the details of how to get access to your ebook. Please keep an eye on your inbox and spam/junk folders for any updates! 👀

Some of our most common ebook providers are:

You will receive an email within the next 24hrs to your institutional email (the email you made your request through Learnerbly) from the supplier (or Learnerbly, depending on the case) with the instructions on how to get access to your ebook.

Note: We recommend you always check your spam/junk folder for any missing emails. If you still haven't found your gift code, please check with the department in charge of IT in your organisation, as sometimes the firewall security system can block external emails from some providers. If you're still unable to find it please let us know on Intercom and we'll get in contact with the provider to make sure you receive your ebook on time.

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