Did you find a resource (not a physical Amazon book) outside Learnerbly and you would like to know if we can offer it in our catalogue? Great news! You can suggest those resources be added to the platform by following these easy steps!

Note: This article also applies if you want to add/suggest a Kindle Book. So if you want to add to the platform an Amazon Kindle, please use this form. This is due to the integration we have with Amazon. We’re exploring other ways to make fulfilling Kindle books outside of Learnerbly a possibility, but for now, if you would like to get a Kindle book that’s not yet on Learnerbly follow these steps. For physical Amazon books, depending on your content region, please follow this link.

Please click the following link and you are ready to go:

  1. First, you will see this initial page where you can check our Content Policy for more information about the criteria for the learning resources that our Learning Curation Team adds to the Learnerbly Platform

  2. After that, you need to indicate the title of the resource you want to suggest. We highly recommend you copy and paste the title exactly as it is on the provider's website (this example is a Udemy course):

    NOTE: If you skipped a step, no worries! You can always go back and forth with the arrows on the bottom-left:

  3. Then, please provide the link to the resource. Please make sure that the link is correct and redirects to the particular resource you want to suggest:

  4. In the next window, please select in the dropdown menu, the type of resource you are suggesting:

  5. Then, please input the price in GBP (£) of that resource. If the resource you are suggesting is in another currency, you can skip this to the next step.

  6. After that, please give us some details and thoughts about why would you like to recommend this resource to be added. You can skip this step if you wish.

  7. Please indicate if you wish to request this resource if it is added to our catalogue.

    NOTE: Selecting "Yes" in this step does not generate a request from your side. In the event of the resource to be added on Learnerbly, you will get notified separately via email and you will have to make the request yourself.

  8. Indicate your work email where you want us to send you notifications about your suggestions. Please make sure is the same email address as your Learnerbly account email

  9. Ta-da! 🎉 As simple as that, you have suggested a resource to be added to Learnerbly.

What happens next?

Our Learning Curation Team will review your suggestions against our Content Policy and they will keep you in the loop as soon as they have a resolution on your resource.

Please keep an eye on your inbox and junk/spam folders for any updates! 👀

NOTE: Submitting a content suggestion doesn't register a request from your side and they don't appear in your requests. Of course, in the event your suggestion is added to Learnerbly, you are more than welcome to request the resource and recommend it to your colleagues.

All suggested resources need to pass the criteria of our Content Policy and need to be evaluated by our Learning Curation Team before they can be added to the platform. Please note that, even if a resource has been added to Learnerbly, this can be removed from the platform without prior notice if it doesn't meet the required fulfilment and customer satisfaction criteria.

Is it a physical Amazon book that you would like to request, but couldn’t find it on our platform? Then, you can do so by following this article:

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