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Using your Virtual Card to purchase a resource
Using your Virtual Card to purchase a resource

Learn how to use your Virtual Card to purchase your requested resource.

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Learn how to use your Virtual Card to make a purchase for your requested resource.

Not made a request yet? Head to our help article on how to make a virtual card request.

Once you've made your request, it then will need to be approved by your manager. When that happens, you'll be all set to get your one-off virtual card details, which you can use to purchase your resource anywhere that debit cards are accepted.

Each request you make has unique card details. If you need to make several requests, you should create each one of these individually. When you use a card, it will then expire and any unused funds will be returned to your personal learning budget.

1. Get your Virtual Card details

Once it's been approved by your manager, you'll receive an email with a link to your unique debit card details. From here you can access your unique card details.

2. Make your purchase

Head to the website where you can purchase your resource. We've made the easy for you by including the link you shared with your card details.

👉 If you're ordering a physical resource, make sure to enter your delivery address and billing address.

3. Enter your payment details

Go through the regular payment process on the merchants' site and when you get to payment options, enter the details for your one-off virtual card.

What you'll need;

  • Cardholder name (this is your name as it is on your Learnerbly account)

  • Billing address

  • 16 digit debit card

  • Expiry date

  • CSV

4. Stripe Security Check

As an additional security step, Stripe may perform a security check during transactions. They will ask you to "Select a recent payment you've made with this card from the list." Please be aware that the listed transactions do not relate to your Virtual Card.

To proceed, select the option that says, "I don't recognize any of these transactions." This selection will allow your payment to proceed without any issue.

By following these steps, you'll successfully complete your purchase using your Virtual Card.

Keep your receipt

Please hold onto your receipt so that you can share it with your admin if required.


Why do I need to keep my receipt?

With regular requests, we handle all the receipts and VAT management for you and your company (we're great like that). When you purchase with a Virtual Card, we don't see the receipt on our end, however your company may need to see the receipt to manage their records.

What if the amount I put on the card is less than what I pay?

Great, either you planned ahead, or got a good deal! Any funds leftover from your purchase will be immediately put back onto your personal learning budget.

For example; when you make a request for £10, £10 is immediately deducted from your learning budget. If you then use your card to make a purchase for just £6, we put the remaining £4 straight back into your learning budget. This means you always have an up to date balance on how much you have to spend on your learning goals. 🙌

The price of my resource has changed, or I haven't requested enough. What do I do?

The amount on a virtual card will be limited to the amount you request, so if your learning resource costs more than what’s loaded on the virtual card, you’ll need to cancel and make a new request. You can cancel a request by sending us a message on Intercom.

We recommend adding a little bit extra to your card than you think you might need. Don't worry, we'll return anything that you don't spend to your learning budget.

My payment was declined, what do I do?

Firstly make sure you've used the correct payment details. With auto-complete, it's easy to use your personal information.

Some examples of why a card might be declined are;

  • Incorrect expiry date, card number or CSV.

  • Wrong cardholder name.

  • Incorrect billing address.

  • The payment is more than the spending limit on your card.

  • Your organization's virtual card account is low in funds resulting payment decline.

  • There's a glitch in the checkout system.

  • The payment process differs from a debit transaction, such as wire transfers, for instance.

  • The card is being rejected due to the merchant's payment security system.

If you encounter difficulty purchasing your resource with a virtual card, please reach out to us via Intercom, and we'll look into this for you.

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