On the platform, we have thousands of resources to choose from—from conferences to coaching, online courses, podcasts, and much more!

From the Explore page of the Learnerbly platform, you can use the Discover tab to see which resources are currently trending for your company, such as resources we've added recently, as well as personalised recommendations based on what and how you like to learn.

However, if you don't find what you are looking for, and you would like to request an Amazon book (not Kindle) or recommend a resource that is not currently on Learnerbly, you can do so by clicking on "Resource not on Learnerbly?" in the header of your dashboard:

After clicking on Resource not on Learnerbly? you will see the following page with two options:

Note on region availability: If you are a user outside of UK, US, DE or ES regions, you won't see the option "A book on Amazon", as that feature is currently only available in the aforementioned regions.

Request a book that’s on Amazon

Note on Kindle books: Currently, we don’t support fulfilling Kindle books due to the integration we have with Amazon. We’re exploring other ways to make fulfilling Kindle books outside of Learnerbly a possibility, but for now, if you would like to get a Kindle book that’s not yet on Learnerbly, you can click on the second option to suggest it be added to Learnerbly. If you want to suggest a kindle book, then, only follow this link to this article.

Note on cross-region requests: Due to logistics and region restrictions, it's not possible to make cross-region requests. Apologies for the inconvenience caused.

  1. First, make sure that the book and the format of the book are the correct ones you want. Each book format has a different link with a different ASIN code (Amazon Standard Identification Number), and our system uses that ASIN code to identify that book and the format. Please double-check that you are using the correct link in the right format and that the book is in stock (we can't fulfil out of stock books or books that are on pre-order).

    Currently, we can only purchase books that are sold and dispatched by Amazon. We don't fulfil from third-party providers or Amazon Marketplace. If you add a link to a book that is sold and/or dispatched by a third party or Amazon Marketplace, the system will reject the book. Please check that the book states that is dispatched and sold by Amazon.

  2. Copy and paste the right Amazon link for the format and book you want. You can also double-check in this step the book and the format you are suggesting:

    If everything is fine, click on the "Looks good! Let's continue" button.

    NOTE: If you encounter an error, it might be for the following reasons:

    • The linked Amazon item is not a Book. If this is the case, please use the "Suggest a resource to add to Learnerbly" option.

    • The linked Amazon item is out of stock. If so, please make sure the book you are trying to request is in stock.

    • The linked Amazon item is only available through the Marketplace/third-party seller and is not fully sold and dispatched by Amazon. Our system cannot automatically fulfil Marketplace books. Currently, it is only offered by a third-party seller and, at the moment, our guidelines don't allow our system to purchase books from third-party sellers.

    • The book is a used book. We cannot order second-hand books. We are only able to request new books from Amazon.

  3. Then, on the following page, you can send a message to your approver manager, as well as confirm your shipping details (for physical books). Please double-check that all the information is correct before confirming.

    If you need to update your address, only click on "Change address".

    By default, your request will be shown to your colleagues at your organisation. If you don't wish to share this, only turn off the button "I’m happy for this request to be shown to others at (the name of your company)"

  4. Done! You will receive a confirmation email that your request will either be sent to your manager for approval or auto-approved. Once it's approved, our system will purchase this for you, and it will be on your way! You will get all the updates in your email. Keep an eye on your inbox and spam/junk folders!

Suggest a resource to add to Learnerbly

If what you would like to request isn't a book from Amazon, you can suggest it to be added to Learnerbly by following this article:

What happens after you submit a suggestion?

After submitting the form, our Learning Curation Team will review and evaluate your suggestion. If it gets added to the platform, we will notify you so you can see the resource and recommend it to your colleagues.

Submitting a content suggestion doesn't register a request from your side and they don't appear in your requests. However, if the resource you suggest is added to Learnerbly, you will be able to request the resource and recommend it to your colleagues.

All suggested resources need to pass the criteria of our Content Policy before they can be added to the platform. Please note that, even if a resource has been added to Learnerbly, it can be removed from the platform without notice if it doesn't meet the required fulfilment and user satisfaction.

For more information regarding our Content Policy, you can check the following article:

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