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Learning Credits/Budget FAQ

Frequently asked questions about learning budget.

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What is a Learning Budget?

This is the amount assigned by your company for your L&D as part of your benefits, that you can use on our platform.

What are Learning Credits?

“Learning Credits” is the term used for the company’s total balance held with us. This is managed by your company admin.

What can I use my Learnerbly budget for?

You can use your Learnerbly budget to request learning resources, from books to online courses and coaching, via the Learnerbly platform.

How long do I have to use my budget?

Each budget is tied to a budget cycle determined by your company. Your company's Learnerbly Administrator will be able to help let you know the start and end date of your budget cycle. Alternatively, you can also reach out to us so we can check when your budget will expire.

Will my budget expire?

When your budget cycle ends, your budget will expire. If there's any remaining amount from your previous budget, it will revert back to your organization's funds. Your previous budget will become inactive and cannot be used further.

You can check the expiration of your budget when you hover your cursor on your budget from the app.

Can I increase my budget available?

In order to make any changes to your budget, please reach out with your organization's Learnerbly Admins and your People Team.

Can I use my budget outside Learnerbly?

You can utilize your learning budget outside of Learnerbly, but this is only possible if your organization has access to any our features such as Amazon books outside Learnerbly, External expense and Virtual card through "Resource not on Learnerbly". These features have specific criteria and are dependent on the licensing package your organization has with us. Additionally, any requests for off-platform resources must be reviewed and approved by your designated approver or administrator if they align with your L&D.

Where can I see my budget?

You can locate it in the top right corner of the platform, next to your profile. If your learning budget isn't visible in your account, it's probable that your admins have archived your budget, or your learning budget has expired, and your organization hasn't allocated a new one yet.

Can I top up my Learnerbly budget with my own money?

You can't add your own money to your Learning Budget. Only admins from your organization have the authority to allocate, top up, and deduct funds from their learners' learning budgets.

Can I put my Learnerbly budget towards something, and pay the rest myself?

We are only able to process full transactions and not part payments towards a resource. If your chosen resource is more expensive than your remaining budget, please speak with your Administrator about topping up your budget via your company.

The resource is more expensive and exceeded my budget, what should I do?

You can get in touch with the admin or the People Team of your organization to top you up with an extra budget. Otherwise, your approver won't be able to authorize your request.

Why I can't see my budget in the app?

Here are some possibilities why you couldn't see your budget:

  • Your budget might be archived by the admin of your company.

  • The admin of your organization hasn't allocated yet your new learning budget.

  • Your organization is using Shared "Pots".

  • If you handed your leave notice, some companies are immediately removing their learner's budget.

The request was cancelled and refunded but why it's not reflected on my learning budget?

If the request was made using your previous budget, the deducted amount will be refunded to its original source and will not be carried over to your new learning budget cycle.

The credits are not lost, they are transferred back to the company's funds but they aren't accessible to the learner because the budget is inactive. This is in accordance with the agreement between your company and Learnerbly, where all operations and transactions, including refunds, are performed within the budget from which the request was purchased. We are unable to refund or make any cross-budget operations.

Why there was a deduction with my new budget when I made a request from my old budget?

If you made a request before your learning budget expires but your approver manager approved your request after the validity of your learning budget, the amount will be deducted from your new learning budget.

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