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Why I can't see the ''request'' button?
Why I can't see the ''request'' button?

Don't you see the "Request" button on that resource? This is why.

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We have 1000s of resources on our platform that you can request. The choice is yours!

However, you might encounter that some resources are unavailable for you and you don't see the "Request button" like this:

If you cannot see the "Request" button, it could be due to the following reasons:

  • That particular resource is not available in your region.

  • You got to the resource page through a Playlist

  • Via a bookmark (either your or external)

  • External link from someone else outside the region/organisation

At the moment, it is not possible to acquire resources between regions.

Additionally, if you used to see the "Request" button before but now it's not available, it means that the resource got deactivated from our app and the provider of that particular resource does not offer reliable and fast delivery to your region and does not align with our Content Policy.

Also, in the particular case of Amazon books, if you don't see the button to request but other colleagues can, it means that that particular book is not fully sold and dispatched by Amazon.

We are working hard on bringing new resources to our platform and there is more to come!

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