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Once you have made a request for a learning resource via the Learnerbly app, depending on your company's settings, this will either be sent to your manager for approval or processed right away.

You can keep informed of the status of your requests by logging into your Learnerbly account, clicking the icon in the top-right corner, and then 'Your requests'. This will show your request as one of the following stages:

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  • Request received: This means that the request has gone through the system and has been received to take it to the next stage.

  • Approved: Once your request has been received, if it requires approval from your manager, it will show you the 'Approved' option without a green tick which means that it is awaiting approval from your manager. Your manager will receive an email once you make a request, as well as follow-ups if it's sitting with them for a little while.

  • Pending: That means that it needs the approval of your manager. Please approach your manager and ask them to check all your pending requests.

    Once approved, there will be a green tick above this option as shown in Image 1 which means our team will then further look into it to fulfil it. It may be that we need some further information from you in order to process this - so please check your emails to see if we've been in touch with an update.

  • Auto-Approved: Once your request is received, it will be approved automatically as it does not require your manager's approval. You will see a green tick immediately on the same day of your request made as shown in Image 2. Therefore, such requests, directly are taken to the final stage which is processing and purchasing the request.

  • Purchased: Your request has been purchased for you, and is on its way!

    The time in which you will get your request varied on the type of product. In normal situations, these are the expected times for your requests to be purchased:

  • Digital Content

    Digital content normally takes between 24hrs to be received once they are "Purchased by Learnerbly". Please get in touch if it takes longer than the given time period.

    Please check this article for more info about how we fulfil digital content by providers:

  • Physical books

    Books (such as Amazon books or other hardcovers/paperback books from other providers) fulfilled by the Learnerbly team as well as API typically takes 5 working days to arrive. Sometimes, based on the delivery period, it can take up to 1 - 2 weeks. Please do get in touch if your request hasn't arrived after 2 weeks.

    For more info about books check the article below:

  • Others

    Other resources and providers can take up to 2 working days to be fulfilled.

    Note: If you requested a book using the feature "Resource not on Learnerbly?", it should be with you between 5-10 working days. Please get in touch if it takes longer than the given time period.

Taking longer than the given time period?

If your request is taking longer than usual, it might be because of the following reasons:

  • Your company does not have sufficient Learning Credits on your account to process your request. Please contact your Learnerbly Administrator to resolve this. More information can be found here.

  • There is some backlog due to the high number of requests made by all your colleagues at your company. You can expect to have an update on your pending requests in the next 3 - 5 working days. If you haven't heard back after that time, please get back in touch again.

  • Books will typically take around 5-10 days to arrive but this can be longer depending on your location. You can find out more about online courses and other providers, and what to expect in this article.

For more information on request processing times or the whereabouts of your request, please get in touch with us on Intercom (bottom right of the page).

For more information about the statuses of your requests, please check the following article:

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