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Setting up the HiBob Integration
Setting up the HiBob Integration

Our HiBob integration allows you to sync your employee data with Learnerbly - completely automatically.

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Our HRIS integrations are now available on all of our packages.

Our HiBob integration allows you to sync your employee data with Learnerbly - completely automatically.

Before you get started

We recommend before setting up the integration you read our guide on how the integration works to make sure it fits with how you want to manage Learnerbly. Take a look at our guide and FAQs on 🔗 How our HRIS integrations work.

You can see what HiBob fields we sync with Learnerbly at the end of this article.

Check your employee data

Please make sure that all your employees have their country in their home address, as we use this to identify their location and assign a content region and ensure they access the right content. If they do not have a country, they will not get synced with Learnerbly.

If for whatever reason, you don’t want to add their country to your HRIS, you can always add them manually.

What will happen to your existing data

Once integrated changes in your HRIS will override any changes manually made on Learnerbly. The integration will;

  • Update any users that currently exist with the data in HiBob

  • Add any users that are in HiBob but not in Learnerbly

  • Remove any users that are past their termination date

  • Replace any approvers with the users' line manager in HiBob

⚠️ Important things to be aware of:

  • Employees archived on HiBob will be archived on Learnerbly

  • Any new employees will be added to Learnerbly

  • Existing users on Learnerbly will be updated with:

    • Their line manager in HiBob will be their approver

    • Their group in Learnerbly will be updated to the employee’s department in HiBob

Connect HiBob to Learnerbly

Getting set up with integrating HiBob with Learnerbly couldn’t be simpler. First, we need to connect HiBob to Learnerbly and then your employees will immediately start syncing.

1. Go to your Admin Hub Settings. Note only Learnerbly Admins can set up an integration. 2. Click ‘Connect’ on the card titled HRIS Integration

3. Select HiBob

4. Enter a Service User ID and token. Please ensure your service user is added to a permission group that contains the access rights to the users you’d like to sync (see below)

5. Your data will start syncing

How do I add create a permission group in HiBob?

  1. Create your Service User and save the Service User ID and Token

  2. In Hibob, select Settings > Permission groups from the left menu. Click on Create group.

  3. Give the Permission Group a name (it is advisable to mention Learnerbly in the title).

  4. Add your Service User to the group via the Add Specific Employees dropdown (be sure to delete the default condition should you need to)

  5. The service user needs to be assigned permission to retrieve all the relevant information from Hibob. Some permissions are assigned by default, but additional permissions will need to be added. Add the required permissions by licking the People’s Data tab and clicking Edit Permissions

    We require from the People Section:

    • Address (this section includes the employees' address information)

      • View selected employees' Address sections.

    • Employment (this section contains details of the employees' contracts, effective date and working hours)

      • View selected employees' Employment sections.

    • Home (this section contains gender information)

      • View selected employees' Home sections.

    • Lifecycle (this section contains termination details)

      • View selected employees' Lifecycle sections

How to know your integration is set up

Once you've connected HiBob and Learnerbly, we'll start syncing your employees immediately. You'll see that you are successfully connected and your sync is in progress on your Settings page.

Integration is syncing

Integration has synced

What fields do we sync with




First Name


Last Name




Start Date


Users will be created on the day of their start date.

Termination Date


Users will be archived on Learnerbly at midnight on the day of their termination date.



If there is no manager, you can add this manually on the platform. If you change a manager on our HRIS, we'll replace it on Learnerbly.



You cannot manually add groups on Learnerbly with a HRIS integration as it will be overwritten by the data in your HRIS.

Content Region

address fields

We use the country of an employee's home address to automatically assign them to a content region.

After you've set up the integration

Your employee data will continue to sync every morning at 09:00 UTC. HiBob will act as your source of truth aside from budgets, so if you make a change in Learnerbly to any of the data above, it will be overwritten by the data in HiBob the next day.

Now that your employees are users on Learnerbly, you can still decide exactly when they get access. To do this, assign them a budget and send them an email invitation.

Bulk assign budgets and send invitations

In your Admin People table, filter by Learner without budgets and then select the employees required. Click Bulk Actions and then Add Budgets and complete setup.

Once budgets have been assigned, then filter the People table by Learners who haven't been invited to Learnerbly to send them an email invite.

How to disable your integration

If you'd like to disable your integration, please contact us via our Chat message.

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