If your company uses SSO (Single Sign On) for you to log into Learnerbly, and you are getting an error, it might be because the email we have registered in our system does not match with the one registered with your SSO provider.

Have you checked that your email address is correct and you are still getting an error trying to log in to your Learnerbly account? If so, here's how you check if your log-in email and SSO are matched 😉

  1. Please log in to https://app.learnerbly.com/

  2. Type your work mail that is associated with your organization.

3. It will prompt a window in which you need to select which email address you will log in to Learnerbly.

4. Your log-in email should match with your SSO (Single Sign On Integration).

5. If successful, you will be logged in Learnerbly. 🎉

✋ Note: If you are still getting an error on logging in to your account after following these steps, chances are, your email is not matching with your SSO provider. Please reach out to your IT department to ensure that your SSO provider is properly configured.

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