Adding internal content for your organisation

Add and view internal resources specific to your organisation to centralise your learning within the Learnerbly platform

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Now, if you are an Admin or an Approver, you can create internal resources that look and behave in much the same way as external resources from the Learnerbly marketplace!

Internal resources can be used to add organisation-specific content to your Learnerbly instance, for example, internal learning and training, onboarding material, lunch and learn videos, documentation on how to use tools and systems... etc.

All internal resources that are created can only be seen by members of your organisation.

If you are an admin and you don't currently have access to this feature and would like to, please reach out to us via Intercom and we will activate this for you!

How to add new internal content

1. If you are an Admin, go to Admin > Content to create a new internal resource. If you are an Approver, go to Team > Content. Here you will see an "Add content" button:

2. Input the name of the resource, the type of content and a cover image:

3. Then, either add a link to the resource or upload the file; depending on the type of resource you have chosen:

4. Finally, add an optional description, and choose whether you want your colleagues to be able to mark this resource as complete after they have read/watched it:

You will then be taken to the overview page for your newly created resource. If the resource was a YouTube or Vimeo link, the video player will be embedded in the page for easy viewing. For all other resource types, clicking the green button will either open the resource in a new tab or download the file in your browser.

How can my colleagues find these resources?

Internal resources that you create can only be seen by colleagues within your organisation.

The most recently created resource can be found as the first item on the Homepage. You can distinguish internal resources from external ones by the "Created by [your organisation]" label on the card:

To see the full set of internally created learning, go to your organisation's page (Explore > your organisation name):

Adding internal content to playlists

Internal content can be added to playlists in exactly the same way as external resources. This enables you to supplement playlists of resources with organisation-specific content for your teams.

Don't hesitate in reaching out if you have any questions. We are always happy to help!

If you have some feedback about this feature, you can share it via the button below:

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