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Change who can see your playlist
Change who can see your playlist
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This guide will show you how to change who in your organisation can find and view playlists you've created. Learn more about creating a playlist in our guide; create your own playlist.

Different visibility options

There are two different options that determine who can see your playlists;

  1. Shared with your organisation

  2. Only visible to yourself and those you share the link with

By default, playlists are created to be private to you, so you can take your time crafting the best-curated content for your colleagues or keep the playlist private to yourself.

If you allow others to discover the playlist, it will be discoverable on the search and when browsing the platform and anyone in your organisation will be able to find it.

๐Ÿ’ก Tip: If your playlist is private you can still share the link with individuals in your organisation, but it won't show up in search or when browsing the platform. Great for 1:1's with your manager!

How to change the visibility of your playlist

You can choose to make it public to your organisation now or you can change the visibility at any time by viewing the playlist - you can find your playlist in Your Playlists and turning the toggle off or on.

This playlist is private to the user.

This playlist is visible to other learners in their organisation.

Where your playlist is visible to your organisation

If your playlist is visible to your organisation, your playlist will be searchable and shown in your Organisation Playlist Stream

  1. When a resource name, title, description or topic is searched.

  2. On your Latest {your company name} playlists stream

  3. Your company hub in Explore

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