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How to create and manage Shared Pots
How to create and manage Shared Pots

Shared Pots allow you to set up team budgets that can be accessed by more than one person.

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What is a Shared Pot?

A Shared Pot holds budget that can be accessed by more than one person in the organisation. Learners can access these shared funds to purchase learning resources through the Learnerbly platform. Each Pot has an Approver who oversees the spend amongst the assigned Learners.

Shared Pots are typically used to distribute Team or Department budgets. For example, Engineering team members could be assigned to an “Engineering team” Pot and their manager would be the Pot Approver.

How do I set up Shared Pots?

Step 1: Create a Budget

A Budget must first be created for your Organisation. A Budget defines the maximum spending limit that can be allocated to employees via Learnerbly, within a specific time period.

  • To create a new Budget, go to the Admin > Account page and select “Create new budget” from the “Manage budgets” dropdown menu

  • Give the new Budget a name and a start and end date

  • Then input the maximum spend for the Budget and click to save the new Budget

Step 2: Create a Shared Pot

To create a new Shared Pot

  • Navigate to the Admin > Pots page and click the “Create new pot” button

  • Give the Pot a name and select at least one Approver

  • Select the Budget you wish to allocate the Pot funds from and the amount you wish to allocate to this Pot

    • You will not be able to allocate more than what is currently available in that Budget

  • Select the Learners who should have access to this Pot and then click to save the new Pot

    • Currently, Learners can only be assigned to a maximum of one Pot so you will not be able to select Learners who are already assigned to a Pot without first removing them from their existing Pot

How do I edit an existing Pot?

Adding new users to an existing Pot

If a new member joins the team, or someone moves to another team, you can easily change the Learners assigned to that Shared Pot.

  • Go to Admin > Pots and select the Pot you wish to edit

  • Click the Edit pot details button under the Pot name on the left of the page

  • Add or remove Learners as required (remember that Learners can only be assigned to a maximum of one Pot at a time)

Allocating more funds to a Pot

You can use this same page as above to edit any other Pot details such as the Pot name, Approver(s) or allocated funds.

How do I track the spend across Pots?

Viewing overall spend against the Budget

  • Go to Admin > Account to see the overall spend from all the Pots associated with a Budget in the “Total spend” column

Viewing the spend of a Pot

  • Go to Admin > Pots to see a high level view of all the Pots and how much has been spent from each

    • Pot Approvers can also access this view via Approve > Pots, for only the Pot(s) they are Approvers of

  • Click through to the Pot details page to view the Activity and Requests from that Pot

  • Click to view the “Assigned learners” tab to see the total spend so far from each Learner of the Pot


How can I get access to Shared Pots?

Shared Pots are currently available to new clients. If you are currently using Personal Learning Budgets and are interested in switching to Shared Pots, please reach out to us to let us know.

Can I assign an employee to more than one Shared Pot?
Currently, a user can only be assigned to a single Shared Pot. We are looking to expand this so that users can be assigned to multiple Pots - if this would be valuable for you, please let us know.

Can I use Shared Pots and Personal Budgets?
Right now, Shared Pots cannot be used alongside Personal Learning Budgets. You can set up a Pot with just one user in, though we appreciate that this would be quite time consuming to manage. The introduction of "Personal Pots" alongside Shared Pots is on our roadmap and your feedback about how you would use this will help us to design a great experience.

How do I add new Approvers to a Shared Pot?
As the administrator or a current Pot Approver, you can easily add new Approvers to an existing Shared Pot.

  1. Go to the Admin > Pots page and select the Pot you want to edit.

  2. Click the "Edit pot details" button under the Pot name on the left of the page.

  3. In the Pot details section, you will see the current list of Approvers.

  4. To add a new Approver, click the "Add Approver" button and select the appropriate team member from the list of available users.

  5. Once you've selected the new Approver, click to save the changes to the Shared Pot.

What happens if an Approver leaves the organization or is on leave?

If an Approver leaves the organization or is on leave, the admin can assign a new pot approver/s to the Shared Pot. This ensures that the Pot continues to be managed and monitored effectively.

If you are interested in using Shared Pots (either now, or in the future) please reach out to let us know!

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