Exporting request history data
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You need to have Admin rights to export request history data.

How do I export request history data?

  1. Go to Admin > Requests

  2. Click on the green "Manage requests" menu and then the "Export table (CSV)" button

  3. When the file is ready, a popup will appear, simply click the "Download CSV" button to access it

What data in included in the export?

The data is updated once every 24 hours, at 05:00 GMT, so may not reflect the most recent changes from the current day.

The CSV export will contain the requests made in the last three months by all of the users in your organisation.

Please note that in rare cases, the price of resources shown in the export may be subject to change once the fulfilment process is complete, and therefore may not always match up with what you will see in your Breakdown of Spend report.

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