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The billing software connecting you with Learnerbly

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Chargebee is the billing software that we use at Learnerbly to help to assist with the billing process.

If you're a new client to Learnerbly...

Welcome to the platform! You'll be receiving your first invoice for your licenses and Learning Credits in advance of your launch date. Within this email, there will be a link enabling you to pay the invoice and set up your billing method for future invoices. We accept payment either via Stripe or Direct Debit - once you click on the link you will be able to choose your preferred method.

If you're already a client with Learnerbly...

Your next invoices will be sent via the Chargebee platform. If you are currently set up on Direct Debit, you will continue to be charged with this method - now for both Learning Credits and user licenses. If you are not yet on Direct Debit - you will be able to set up one of our two payment methods via the link in your invoice email.

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