Making a Virtual Card Request

How to request a resource not currently on Learnerbly so you can purchase it with a virtual card.

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You can request a virtual card loaded with funds which you can use to purchase a learning resource that is not currently available on Learnerbly. Once your manager has approved your request, you‘ll be able to generate unique card details for your request. You can use this card to pay anywhere that debit cards are accepted.

How to make a request

Certain resources which are not fulfilled directly by Learnerbly are only available through Virtual Cards. You'll see a notification when clicking "request" on the resource for which this is the case.

Click on 'Resource not on Learnerbly?' in the navigation bar (or follow this link 🔗 ) and then select 'A resource that isn't on Learnerbly'.

If you're based outside of our core content regions, you can also request a virtual card from any resource not fulfilled directly by Learnerbly.

Once you have entered the information about your request, it'll be sent to your manager to approve. You'll receive an email when it's been approved and gain access to a virtual card to purchase your resource.

Enter details about your request

Enter information about your request. We need the name and link of the resource you want to request to ensure all transactions can be linked back to a request.

How much to put on your Virtual Card

The amount on a Virtual Card will be limited to the amount you requested, so if your learning resource is more than what’s loaded on the Virtual Card, you’ll need to cancel and make a new request. We recommend you look at any additional taxes or delivery fees before making your request.

You can use your card to make a purchase that isn't in the currency of our personal learning budget. For example, if your budget is in £GBP and you want to buy a book in €EUR. You'll want to do a quick currency conversion to calculate how much in £GBP to request. Here's a handy tool to calculate conversion.

After you've made a purchase using your virtual card, any leftover funds will be put back onto your personal learning budget.

Enter your phone number

Some merchants, particularly in the UK and EU, require you to verify the payment via Strong Customer Authentification (SCA). Its aim is to add extra layers of security to electronic payments via SMS. We do not use your phone number for anything other than when a merchant needs to verify you are the card owner.

Share a note with your Manager

Requests made through a virtual card must be approved by your manager. Just like with your regular Learnerbly requests, you can share a note with your manager to let them know why you'd like this resource.

Submit your request

When you're ready, submit your request to be approved by your manager. Once they have approved it, you'll get an email with a link to get your virtual card.

Manager approval

Your manager will receive a notification to approve your request. Once it's approved, you'll receive an email letting you know and a link to access your virtual card details.

Stripe Security Check

As an additional security step, Stripe may perform a security check during transactions. They will ask you to "Select a recent payment you've made with this card from the list." Please be aware that the listed transactions do not relate to your Virtual Card.

To proceed, select the option that says, "I don't recognize any of these transactions." This selection will allow your payment to proceed without any issue.

By following these steps, you'll successfully complete your purchase using your Virtual Card.

Using your Virtual Card

Once you have your single-use debit card, you can use the details to make your purchase where ever debit cards are accepted. Want more info? Read our guide on how to use your virtual card.

What you'll see

  • Cardholder name

  • Billing address

  • 16 digit debit card

  • Expiry date

  • CSV

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