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Drat! Unable to log in to Learnerbly App
Drat! Unable to log in to Learnerbly App

Can't you in login into Learnerbly? Here are some common reasons and what to do in each case

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If you are having issues logging into Learnerbly and present an error message similar to the one above then, it might be due to the following reasons:

Email typo

The email you are using is wrong. It might be misspelt or have a little typo. Just double-check that the email is correctly spelt and you should be fine.

Wrong email

Sometimes, companies have different email domains within the same organisation for their employees, like "" and the same user with "". Different emails for the same organisation.

If you are encountering an error, is because you might be using the wrong email that we have registered your account with. Please make sure you are using the correct email. You can easily ask any of your colleagues or your People Team what email they use to log in to Learnerbly. If you still are facing the same issues, you can contact us via Intercom.

SSO (Single Sign-On) error

Some companies use SSO providers (Single Sign-On) to make it easier to log in to different services, like your internal systems or in this case, Learnerbly. Some providers can be Google, Microsoft, Okta etc. Please make sure you are using the right SSO to log in.

If you are presenting an error saying that the email is not registered or does not exist while using SSO, then, you need to contact your SSO provider and make sure that the email your SSO provider has registered is the same as the one we have in Learnerbly, otherwise, you will still have the issue. Both emails - SSO and Learnerbly - need to match exactly in order for you to get access to the platform. If you present this, please check with your SSO admin or your People Team and they will help you in sorting this out.

Archived user

It can be that your account is archived. This can be because you left the company and return to work again, or your account simply hasn’t been created yet.

If that is the case, please check with your admin and People Team at your company so they can verify this information.

We can only unarchive accounts via intercom from the admins or People Team from your organisation. If this is the case, please let them know to please contact us so we can help.

Frozen Account

If you receive an error message: ''Sorry, we have been unable to verify your email. Please try again'', this means that we have temporarily paused your Learnerbly access while we work with ​your company to balance their account with us.

Your company ended their contract with Learnerbly

On some rare occasions can be that your company simply ended their contract with us and all the accounts have been deactivated. If you suspect this could be the case, please approach first to your People Team and they will be able to give you more info.

None of the above

If after revisiting all the aforementioned options you still cannot get access, then, it might be a bug or something else that needs to be escalated.

If that is the case, please get in touch with us via Intercom and please share a screenshot of the whole screen where the URL is visible as well as the URL itself where you are having this situation and a detailed description of the issue. This will help us to come back to you with more precise information.

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