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What are Learning Credits / Budget?
What are Learning Credits / Budget?
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Learning Budget

Your learning budget is the amount assigned by your company for your L&D as part of your benefits, that you can use on our platform.

You can use your Learnerbly budget to request learning resources, from books to online courses and coaching, via the Learnerbly platform.

Each budget is tied to a budget cycle determined by your company. Your company's Learnerbly Administrator will be able to help let you know the start and end date of your budget cycle.

At the end of your budget cycle, your budget will expire and reset. If you still have remaining funds from your old budget, this will be deactivated and will not carry over to your new learning budget.

You can check the expiration of your budget when you hover your cursor on your budget from the app.

You see it in the top right corner of the platform beside your profile.

For more information about your Learning Budget, please visit the article below:

Learning Credits

“Learning Credits” is the term used for the company’s total balance held with us. This is managed by your company admin. For more information on Learning Credits, see this help article:

Contact us

If you need more assistance with your credits in account with us, please send us an email to the corresponding emails:

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