How do I make a playlist?
How to create playlists on Learnerbly
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Create a playlist by adding a resource

You can create a playlist straight from the resource page. Find a resource you'd like to add to a playlist and click Add to playlist. From here you'll be able to create a new playlist or add it to an existing resource you've created.

Click Create Playlist and flesh out your playlist

Give your playlist a descriptive title, and add up to 5 tags to help your team find and understand the topics covered. Then help other learners learn more about why you've put this playlist together.

Help your team understand how this resource will help them

Share a quick comment with the resource to guide other learners on why this resource is useful. When you're happy click Done.

Here is a helpful tutorial video on how you can create a playlist:

And that's it! Your playlist is live πŸ™Œ

Your playlist will immediately show on your organisation's Playlist stream and in search. Now you can find other resources to add and build out your curated playlist.

For more detailed information about Playlists, please check the articles below:

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