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What are Virtual Cards

Virtual Cards empowers your team to use their budget and access resources anywhere in the world with a single-use Visa debit card.

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Resource not on Learnerbly? Purchase it with a Virtual Card 💳

Virtual Cards empowers your team to use their personal learning budget and access resources anywhere in the world with a single-use Visa debit card.

Find the right resources and maximise budgets

Maximise personal learning budgets by bringing more ways to access the resources your team needs to grow. Virtual Cards allow employees to request a single-use virtual debit card which they can use to purchase a learning resource not currently available on Learnerbly. Whether that's an online course or a book from their local bookshop, they can use their unique card to purchase resources where it suits them.

Serving modern, distributed teams anywhere

Distributed teams, remote offices and work from home are a reality for many progressive businesses. We help you democratise access to learning for each person in your organisation, so they can find the right resources no matter where they’re located.

Who can access Virtual Cards?

  • Available on the Strategic and Enterprise packages

  • Companies headquartered or with a legal entity in the UK

  • Employees with personal learning budgets in £GBP can request and make purchases with Virtual Cards, no matter where in the world

How does it work?

Single-use cards are designed for single online purchases with a defined amount. Once they've been used, they are immediately cancelled, helping to reduce the risk of fraud. When the purchase is settled, the remaining funds on the card automatically return to the employee's learning budget.

A virtual card works just like a physical card: it includes a 16-digit number, an expiration date, a CVV number and a billing address. It also supports 3DS for online purchase verification.

For Employees

Employees will get access to a new, request-anything style flow where they can request a virtual card with a spending limit with funds from their personal learning budget.

Employees outside of our core content regions will be able to view previously hidden resources such as books or courses. They will be able to generate virtual card requests from those resources, providing the link to the local supplier that works best for them.

Once their request has been approved, their single-use virtual card can be used to make a purchase anywhere Visa debit cards are accepted, and in their local currency. To learn more about how our Virtual Card feature works for your team, see our guide: Get to know Virtual Cards.

For Admins

To support Virtual Cards, your organisation will need to be Headquartered or have a legal entity in the currencies we support. At the moment this is UK and for Learners with personal learning budgets in £GBP. You can learn more about how this works in our guide: Setting up & managing Virtual Cards.

Your managers will approve each Virtual Card request, which you'll also see in the platform alongside your regular requests and personal learning budgets are updated automatically.

For Finance Teams

Our Virtual Cards are powered by Stripe using the VISA network. We’ll set you up with a Stripe Connected Account where you can transfer funds and manage your Virtual Card balance. You can learn more about how this works in our guide: Setting up & managing Virtual Cards.

You’ll see all your Virtual Card purchases reflected on your monthly breakdown of spend; along with the requester's name, group, resource title and type.

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