Learnerbly Virtual Cards are powered by Stripe and Visa. To make use of the Virtual Card feature, you will need to have a UK Legal Entity and set up a Stripe Connected Account. This account will be under your company name and as such are legal representatives of the account and agree to the Stripe Terms & Conditions.

To learn more about how our Virtual Card feature works, see our guide: Get to know Virtual Cards.

Your Stripe Connected Account

Stripe Connected Account

Your Stripe Connected Account is a bank account powered by Stripe where your employees will be spending from. This is its own independent account in your company’s name, which you will need to keep funded in order to use Virtual Cards.

Legal Representative

In order to set up your Stripe account, we need a few details from you including a Legal Representative - someone who is authorised to act on behalf of your company and either owns >25% of your company’s shares or is a director.

Terms and Conditions

The Terms relating to our Virtual Card product can be viewed in Clause 13 of our standard Terms, here: https://www.learnerbly.com/terms-and-conditions.

When setting up your account you will need to accept the StripeService and Connected Account Terms.

Maintaining your Virtual Cards balance

In order to continue spending via Virtual Cards, you will need to ensure your Stripe Connected Account has enough balance to cover purchases by your users.

Stripe Connected Account vs Learning Credits

  • Your Stripe Connected Account is separate from the Learning Credits purchased via Learnerbly.

  • Learning Credits - Resources you find on our platform are purchased from Learnerbly directly, so you can use your pre-paid Learning Credits to access them.

  • Stripe Connected Account - For anything outside our supplier network that your employees will be purchasing themselves, this will be paid from your Stripe Connected Account balance.

Can I top up my Stripe Connected Account from my Learning Credits?

As the Stripe Connected Account is a bank account in your name, unfortunately, we can’t currently make transfers between your Learning Credits balance and your Stripe account.

Adding funds to your Stripe Connected Account balance

Once you have created your Stripe Connected Account Learnerbly will provide you with the bank details (account number & sort code) for your new account. You’ll then be able to transfer funds to your Stripe account directly.

Monitoring the balance

Each month, you’ll receive a summary of all your account’s transactions and balance - along with your regular Breakdown of Spend. If you balance is running low, your Finance Team can transfer funds using your Stripe Connected Account bank details.

If your balance runs out, payments made by Virtual Cards will be declined and employees will not be able to make purchases until the balance is restored. They will not need to make another request.

Information for Your Finance Team

Accounting for VAT

As your employees will be spending on behalf of your company from your Stripe account, you will be responsible for your VAT recovery on items purchased with Virtual Cards. As they spend, employees will enter in your company information (name, address, VAT number) during the checkout/purchase process using their Virtual Card.

Invoices and proof of purchase

Employees are responsible for collecting VAT invoices when they make purchases with Virtual Cards. Upon collecting the invoice, they should upload a copy to Learnerbly by clicking ‘Upload Invoice’ in the My Request page of their Learnerbly account.

Administrators will then be able to download all invoices uploaded and forward these to your internal Finance Team for processing along with your existing VAT return process.

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