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Amazon deliveries in Germany and Spain
Amazon deliveries in Germany and Spain

This article describes what is currently happing to a large number of German and Spanish book orders

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How we work with Amazon

We work with Amazon Business by being part of their Partner Network. As such, we get access to their Ordering API ensuring our users get the best book pricing and access to the largest book catalogue in the world. We work with Amazon in the UK, Spain, Germany, Holland, Sweden, USA and Canada to take advantage of their fantastic logistical network to get resources to our users often, the day after requesting them.

Amazon Cross-Border Shipments

Following Brexit, in August 2022, Amazon Business ceased cross-border stock movements between regions like UK, Germany and Spain. This means that if stock for a particular book is located in the UK and a user in Germany requests that book, Amazon cannot fulfil it.

Why are my book orders continually being cancelled?

Due to the limitations on cross-border shipments, we've observed an increase in book cancellations. These cancellations occur primarily because of localized stock-outs (events where the item runs out of stock) in Amazon's inventory due to Amazon's policy of not shipping stock outside of EU regions. We typically allow up to 5 working days for a book to be fulfilled. If it cannot be fulfilled within this timeframe, we cancel the order and refund the user.

So what are Learnerbly doing about it?

  • Engagement with Amazon: We have broached this issue with Amazon multiple times since they made the decision to stop cross-border shipments, and whilst they acknowledge the issue, they have yet to change anything on their product or policies to resolve this issue. To mitigate the impact of shipment issues, we've set up active monitoring of these shipments to:

    • Identifying shipment issues more efficiently.

    • Take prompt actions to address these issues.

  • User Collaboration: We collaborate closely with users to explore alternative solutions, such as:

    • Suggesting alternative books available locally.

    • Recommending relevant courses covering similar subject matter.

    • Suggest an alternative book such as the German/Spanish language version of the book.

  • Feedback Monitoring: We continuously monitor user and client feedback to assess the effectiveness of our measures.

It's important to us that you have the best experience possible, so we're dedicated to working closely with our Amazon partners to find solutions that work for our clients and users. Your feedback matters, and we're grateful for your patience and understanding as we navigate this together.

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