Updating Delivery Address

How to update your shipping address

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In order to better guarantee the secure delivery of your request, kindly double-check all the information you provide prior to submitting to avoid any potential issues with your request, as our system automatically purchases the requests with the information provided by the user once the request is submitted.

Update your delivery address

You can always update your delivery address at the moment of confirming your request on our platform. The system will always ask you to confirm and update your shipping address for physical resources.

You can also save your previous address for your next request and make it the default shipping address:

Note: This action only takes effect BEFORE making the request. It is not possible to update the delivery address once the request has been placed. In that case, depending on the resource, the request will have to be canceled. You can still get in touch with our support team, and we will try to update the delivery address as best as we can.

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