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Why is my request cancelled?
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Depending on the type of resource, the reason for your request getting cancelled could be due to the following:

  • The resource is out of stock

  • It is only provided by a third-party provider / Amazon Marketplace (Amazon books only)

  • It is for pre-order only

  • Amazon system error

  • There was a delivery Issue

  • The price changed in the interim - No reply after 48hr

  • Due to GDPR reasons

  • The resource only can be purchased with recurrent payments

  • Our payment details will be shared with third parties

  • It is a piece of hardware

  • The delivery date is greater than 14 days

For more information on each individual reason for cancellation, please take a look at the article below:

Regardless of the reasons for cancellation, you will get an email explaining why your request got cancelled. Please keep an eye on your inbox and spam/junk folders.

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