Cancelled Requests

The most common reasons on why requests get cancelled.

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Depending on the type of the resource, requests are either purchased manually by our Fulfilment Team or, automatically by our system.

If your request got cancelled, it could be due to the following most common reasons:

Out of stock

The resource was out of stock during the time when our system/Fulfilment Team was in the process of purchasing your request. Should the item currently be unavailable for purchase, the system will automatically cancel your request and refund your credits promptly.

Third-party provider / Amazon Marketplace

For Amazon books, in particular, the book request will be cancelled if it's currently available by a third-party seller or from Amazon Marketplace.

We cannot purchase books that are not sold and dispatched by Amazon itself (i.e. Marketplace and 3rd parties) as they are not reliable and do not always offer consistent shipping.

In order to qualify for purchase, it needs to say "Sold and dispatched by Amazon", similar to in the image below:

image.png (2822×1268)


Our system and teams are unable to purchase books or resources that are for pre-order due to the requirement for all resources to be available immediately. Pre-orders are regarded similarly as being "out of stock".

Amazon system error

Not all systems are perfect. Not even Amazon's. On very rare occasions, the Amazon system might not register the request and don't process the purchase. As a result, Amazon's system cancels the order and refunds the order.

Delivery Issue

There was an issue with the delivery, either the product got damaged in transit, the carrier couldn’t deliver it, the item go missing etc. In those situations, the item gets returned by the provider and issues a refund.

Price changed - No reply after 48hr

Occasionally, the cost of the resource that you requested may increase between the time you place the request and when our team/system purchases the resource. This is due to the fact that provider stockists (especially Amazon) are very dynamic and our prices shown on the platform are not real-time.

If our team see that that is the case, they will get in touch with you asking you if you agree with the new price. The message is similar to this:

If we don't hear back from you after 48hrs of sending that message, our team will cancel and refund your credits immediately.

GDPR reasons

In some cases, orders must be cancelled as we are not allowed to provide personal information, such as passport numbers, personal emails, a personal account, or a driver's license, in order to completely process the request due to GDPR regulations. In these situations, the request will be cancelled and a full refund will be provided.

Recurrent payments

We are unable to fulfil resources from providers that require recurring payments (such as subscriptions that automatically renew on a monthly or annual basis) and do not offer indirect purchasing mechanisms (like gifting or checkout codes).

Shared payment details to third parties

Sometimes, with certain providers, our payment details will be shared with the user who requests and our payment system does not allow this, therefore, we cannot proceed with the purchase of these resources and we proceed with the cancellation.


Hardware, such as Kindle devices, does not qualify as "work-related training". Any type of hardware request will get cancelled in accordance with our What is work-related training.

Delivery date greater than 14 days

At Learnerbly, one of our core priorities is to ensure our learners get a fast, consistent delivery experience. For this reason, our system and teams are unable to purchase books or resources whose delivery time is greater than 14 days from the date of purchase. Our Fulfilment team and the system will cancel and refund those requests.

You can keep an eye on that resource so once the delivery date is shorter, you can request it again via our platform.

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