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How our HRIS Integrations work

Once connected, our HRIS integration will keep your employee data up to date in Learnerbly, onboard and offboard employees automatically! 💪

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Our HRIS integrations are now available on all of our packages.

Who we integrate with

How our HRIS integrations work

Once connected, our HRIS integration will keep your employee data up to date in Learnerbly, onboard and offboard employees automatically! 💪

  • Import all your employee data
    Get started and set up your integration in just a few clicks.

  • Create new accounts and offboard leavers
    New employees will be added to Learnerbly automatically on their start date. When an employee reaches their termination date we’ll offboard and archive their account on Learnerbly.

  • Create and assign groups
    Streamline your reporting and sync your departments with ‘groups’ automatically.

  • Assign managers as approvers to your employees
    When a change happens on your end, we’ll keep it synced with Learnerbly. So there's no disruption to your team when a manager changes.

  • Keep your employee data updated
    We’ll continue to keep your employee data synced, whether that’s a change to the line manager, location, name or group. We take care of the hard work for you.

Check it works for you

Before setting up your integration, you should check that it will transfer the right data for your needs. Once you set up the integration, any data on Learnerbly will be overwritten and your HRIS will become the single source of truth for all employee data.

  • Everyone in your HRIS will be added to Learnerbly
    We check your HRIS every workday for any new employees that have passed their start date. Once they’re added to your HRIS, they’ll also be added to Learnerbly. However, we don’t send them invites or add their budget so you can decide exactly when they get access.
    If there are employees you do not wish to have access, you can archive them on Learnerbly.

  • Your line managers in your HRIS match your approver in Learnerbly
    When a line manager changes in your HRIS, the approver will also change in Learnerbly - so if there’s a change of line manager for an employee, we’ll keep Learnerbly updated.

  • Your departments on your HRIS match your groups on Learnerbly
    We know that you may have different ways of capturing departments or cost centres; you can find out which field Learnerbly will sync to in your HRIS system by looking at your HRIS help guide

Still have questions? Send us a message on our help chat.

Some things to think about

  • Any employee data from your HRIS in Learnerbly will be overwritten once you set up the integration. If you have users in Learnerbly that aren't in your HRIS, they will stay as they are on the platform.

  • If you have team members who aren’t on your HRIS, for whatever reason, they can still be added to Learnerbly by adding users manually via the Learnerbly platform.

  • We use home addresses to assign your employees to their correct location. All your employees with access to Learnerbly must have, as a minimum, their Country included in their home address.

Set up your Integration

It just takes a few clicks! Head to your Admin > Settings and click Connect 'HRIS Integrations'. You'll need login credentials, these differ per HRIS but will either be your Admin login or API key. Once you're connected your employee data will start syncing immediately and you'll see, images below, when the sync is complete.

Integration is syncing

Integration has finished syncing

Want more detail? Head to our specific set up guides.

Head to our set up guides to learn more about what data we sync with your HRIS and how to get up and running.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the integration manage budgets?

We don’t add your employees budgets or send them invites so you can decide exactly how much they get and when. In our set up guides, we show you how to bulk add budgets and send invitations.

We have employees that don't have a manager on our HRIS. How does that work?

Employees that don't have a manager such as a Directors, will still be added to Learnerbly automatically. However, we won't know who their approver is and we need one to approve requests - even if that's themselves! You can add one manually by filtering your People table for Learners without approvers and editing their profile.

What if I change employees' details in the platform?

Your HRIS becomes the source of truth so any changes you make to employee details like their email, approver and content region will be overwritten the following day. If you need to change an employee's details, do this via your HRIS and it will be updated the following day at 09:00 UTC.

How often does the integration sync?

The integration syncs every Monday to Friday at 08:00 UTC. If you don't see a change from your HRIS to Learnerbly, come back the following day to make sure. On your Admin Settings page, we'll tell you how long ago your last sync was.

Can I add users to Learnerbly if they are not on our HRIS?

Yes! You can still add them manually via the platform. They'll sit separately to your HRIS integration, so you'll need to manually update them if there are any changes. If you later move them to your HRIS, we'll spot that we already have their email address and sync them with your HRIS.

Can I add users before their start date?

Yes! You can add them manually to the platform and on their start date, we'll see their email is on Learnerbly and sync their profile on Learnerbly with your HRIS. Any further updates on your HRIS will be updated on Learnerbly.

Can I prevent certain employees from being added to Learnerbly?

You cannot currently filter out certain employee types, such as contractor or intern, but you can archive them on the platform. They will not be added back to the platform when the integration syncs.

How do you know what content region an employee will be associated with?

We look at the employee's country in their home address and automatically assign them to their content region. If an employee moves to a different country and content region, e.g. from United Kingdom to Spain, we'll automatically update them on Learnerbly once their address in changed on your HRIS.

What fields do you sync with?

You can find out on the individual guides for your HRIS.

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