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Requesting content that's not in our Marketplace
Requesting content that's not in our Marketplace

When the learning resources you desire cannot be found in our Marketplace

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The Learnerbly Marketplace is curated by internal and external knowledge experts, bringing you the best learning resources for you to fulfil your development goals. However, as everyone's learning and development needs are individual, we understand that there are times when there may be gaps in the resources we have available.

To accommodate for these scenarios, we have 3 features for requesting content that's not on our Marketplace:

Please note that these features are not available to everyone due to geographical limitations and your employer's setup they have agreed with Learnerbly.

The data from these features are anonymously collated and fed into our curation process.

If you don't have access to these features, unfortunately we cannot respond or action individual requests. However, your feedback is very important to us as we look to improve and expand our Marketplace. To ensure your feedback is recorded and listened to, please get in touch with the support team and request to complete the product feedback form.

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