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How do you choose content?
How do you choose content?
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As a curated Marketplace, Learnerbly strives to provides the most innovative, inspiring and performance enhancing content on the market.

We keep our nose to the ground, scanning the market, latest industry insights, and listening to our user suggestions to find the most exciting and valuable learning content.

When building our catalogue, our Learning Curation team ensures that any resource added to our marketplace is led by respected industry-experts, highly rated, widely accessible and empowers our users to reach their unique development goals.

We assess all content against the following 3 standards:

  • Quality

  • Suitability

  • Fulfilment

Our Quality assessment ensures a resource

  • Is created by industry experts: The resources are created or led by well respected, highly experienced industry experts

  • Is popular with users in the industry: The resources have been endorsed and highly rated by users who work in the industry

  • Offers an engaging experience: The content is engaging, inspiring and accelerates development

  • Provides high quality material: The content is well-written and any video/audio assets are high resolution and clearly articulated

  • Is accessible: As far as possible, the content meets WGAC 2.1 guidelines

  • Is current: The content is topical, current and future focused to help users keep up with developments in their field

Our suitability assessment ensures a resource

  • Is relevant to a significant number of Learnerbly users

  • Fills a gap in our marketplace or boosts a topic we're currently focused on expanding

  • Has a suitable price for our average user's budgets

  • Falls under work-related training and has a performance-enablement focus

Our fulfilment assessment ensures a resource

Can be purchased by Learnerbly on behalf of our users, with one of our payment methods, and delivered to the learner in a GDPR-compliant and timely manner that meets our service level requirements.

  • E.g. we cannot fulfil resources from providers that don't have appropriate Data Protection Regulation guidelines available.

  • E.g. we cannot fulfil resources where the provider requires more personal information - such as passport information - in order to complete the purchase.

  • E.g. we cannot fulfil resources from providers that require rolling payments (such as subscriptions that renew monthly or annually automatically) and do not offer indirect purchasing mechanisms (like gifting or checkout codes).

  • E.g. we cannot fulfil resources from providers where we cannot guarantee that payment and billing information will remain between the provider and Learnerbly. This can happen, for instance, where there is no separate option to notify and send booking details to the learner.

  • E.g. we cannot fulfil resources where we cannot complete the purchase in one single transaction (i.e. where the user is liable for additional customs tax and duty charges).

  • E.g. we cannot fulfil resources where the provider isn't able to work with our payment methods.

  • E.g. we cannot purchase books that are not sold and dispatched by Amazon itself (i.e. Marketplace and 3rd parties) as they are not reliable and do not always offer consistent shipping.

  • E.g. we cannot add resources that are out of stock or in pre-order. The resources must be for immediate purchase.

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